Nano Vitrified Tiles
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Nano Vitrified Tiles

The layer of silica applied on Vitrified tiles using the latest nano-technology is known as Nano Vitrified tiles. These tiles are injected with a nano-particle at high pressure to form a protective layer to make them durable. The vitrified tiles with a wide range of designs, colors, patterns, and finishes perfectly fit kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and commercial places.

The protective layer on top of Vitrified tiles tends to repel water particles, oil, dirt, stains, and scratches, resulting in designs and shines last for a longer time. These tiles are durable, strong, require low maintenance, and are easy to clean. The Polished Nano vitrified tiles have a layer of liquid silica to make their surface smooth, resistant to bacteria, and durable resulting that the tiles won't be cracked and will last for longer times.

The Nano Vitrified tiles are available in regular size 600*600 mm in the market. The glossy finish Nano vitrified tiles have an extraordinary smoothness that shines to give a mirror look and tends to reflect the light making spaces feel and look bigger. The nano-coating layer on the vitrified tiles has a glorious look resemblance with looks like natural stone that adds charm and sparkling beauty to your dream decors.

Rotto Tile is a leading Nano vitrified tiles manufacturer in Morbi committed to creating premuim quality tiles with varieties of designs, colors, and patterns with a vision to meet the dynamic requirements of clients globally. We have an extensive range of Vitrified tiles design collections manufactured by adapting cutting-edge production techniques to match the customers' styling tastes.

Visit our website and browse our Nano Vitrified catalog to know more about the latest collections and Nano vitrified tiles prices. Select the best suitable tiles from Rotto Tiles at the most competitive price and allow your spaces to reflect their beauty and your classy choice to your friends and family.

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