Digital Wall Tiles
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Digital Wall Tiles

Digital Wall tiles are manufactured from natural sand and clays heated in a furnace at a very high temperature using cutting-edge digital printing technology. With digital printing, it's possible to print any choice of designs, colors, and patterns on the surface of tiles for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, parking areas, and pooja rooms. With a revolution in the manufacturing of digital tiles for the wall, they are used to decorate not only kitchens and bathrooms but also bedrooms and living rooms.

Digital Wall tiles are durable, moisture and stain resistant, withstand heavy traffic and usage, are anti-slippery, are easy to maintain, and their designs do not fade away after a few years. These tiles are thicker than others and are the best alternative for commercial and residential places that face heavy foot traffic. With the advancement of technology, digital wall tiles are in trend with attractive patterns and designs that perfectly fit into your home design theme.

There are varieties of sizes available for Digital wall tiles in the market. For example, 10*15 inches, 10*20 inches, 12*24 inches, and 18*12 inches. Among them, 18*12 and 10*15 are the most popular, light-weighted, and preferred sizes for walls of kitchens and bathrooms. Digital wall tiles' price differs based on different sizes and finishes available.

Rotto offers three types of finishes in digital wall tiles silky, glossy ultra-smooth surface, and matte, which has a natural texture and is anti-slippery. These tiles tend to give wood and marble a look and add beauty and elegance to your space.

Rotto is a leading manufacturer of Digital printed wall tiles in Morbi, Gujarat, India creates superior quality tiles to meet the dynamic requirements of customers worldwide with unique and attractive designs.

Select the best suitable tiles from Rotto tiles to transform your space into a visually appealing one that will reflect your style!!

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