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Digital Wall Tiles manufacturer – Rotto Tiles styling guide

Digital Wall Tiles are manufactured from either ceramic or vitrified materials using digital printing. The wall tiles are thick and available in a wide range of designs, colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, and finishes to give a classy and modern look to the living spaces. People prefer to install these tiles in their commercial and office spaces due to their durability properties and make a great option to bear heavy foot traffic.

Digital wall tiles manufacturing process

Digital wall tiles are manufactured from natural red, white and other clays, quartz, and other materials. During manufacturing, the tiles undergo the hydraulic pressing and heating process, and then the surface of the tiles is coated with a fine layer of glazes. The tiles were then baked in a furnace and fired at 800-900 degrees temperatures. With digital printing machines, Rotto Digital Wall tiles manufacturers can print varieties of unique patterns and designs on tiles based on your requirements.


Types based on finishing:-

Digital Wall Tiles are used to decorate walls and enhance the look of your living spaces. There are three types of Digital Wall tiles based on finishing.

  • Glossy:- Glossy finish tiles have an extraordinarily smooth surface that reflects more lights and creates a mirror-like effect to give a luminous look to your spaces. Rotto Digital Glossy Wall tiles tend to give a classic and stylish appearance.
  • Matt:- Matt’s finish tiles have less smoothness than glossy. Rotto Digital wall tiles manufacturers Matt finish tiles are more popular due to their natural look and rich texture.
  • Silky:- Silky finish tiles are great options for any classic, traditional or contemporary spaces and are available in sophisticated colors.

Types based on uses:-

Majorly people choose Digital wall tiles to decorate their interior and exterior walls. These tiles can give classic and elegant looks to your interiors and is a good choice for the exterior as they absorb less heat and provide cooling effects to the surroundings.

At Rotto Digital wall tiles manufacturer, you can get the latest and most trendy collections of tiles for kitchens, bedrooms, elevations, living rooms, pooja rooms, and other places.

Types based on sizes:-

Rotto Digital Wall tiles manufacturer has manufactured tiles of different sizes to meet the dynamic market need. We offer a wide range of 3D Digital wall tiles that are exceptional and attractive and brighten up your commercial and residential spaces. Our most popular wall tiles of sizes 10*15 inches and 12*18 inches due to their lightweight, last for longer years, and are easy to maintain characteristics used to decorate the walls of kitchens and bathrooms.

Below, we have listed the different sizes available at Rotto.

  • 8×12 Inch – (200×300 mm)
  • 8×24 Inch – (200×600 mm)
  • 10×15 Inch – (250×375 mm)
  • 18×12 Inch – (450×300 mm)
  • 12×24 Inch – (300×600 mm)

At Rotto, you can get your customized digital wall tiles with diverse options at the most competitive price to enhance the look and add beauty to your spaces.


Digital wall tiles have continued to be in trend since the year 2012. These tiles are popular in the market due to their ease of cleaning, durability, and mesmerizing look advantages. Let’s look at some more what are the benefits of purchasing wall tiles.

  • Durability:- Digital wall tiles are more durable than glazed vitrified tiles. These tiles tend to withstand higher temperatures and heavy foot traffic. Their durability can save your money wastage from the frequent issue of replacements and repairings.
  • Moisture Resistant:– These tiles are moisture resistant as they are thick and non-porous and can drain out water from the surface of tiles. Their water absorption capacity is between 12-15% and is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and other spaces.
  • Countless Choices:– A plain piece of tile is transformed into a splendid masterpiece with advanced printing technology. At Rotto Digital Wall tiles manufacturer in Morbi, you can get the latest collections of digital print with classy patterns of your choice.
  • Ease of maintenance:- These tiles require less maintenance as they don’t need special treatment to maintain their shining effect. Clean it gently with vinegar water solution once a month to remove the stains.


Rotto is the leading Digital wall tiles manufacturer in Morbi and has an array of aesthetically pleasing tiles prints and designs that perfectly suits your taste. We offer glossy, matt, elevation, wooden, or rustic finishes with moisture resistance, longevity, and corrosion-free digital wall tiles.

We recommend you look at the stunning collection of Rotto Digital wall tiles manufacturers that will blow your mind.


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