Digital Floor Tiles
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Digital Floor Tiles

Digital floor tiles are made from the purest quality raw materials like clays, quartz, silica, kaolin, and feldspar using cutting-edge technology. This mixture is heated at a very high temperature in a furnace to remove moisture and make them durable. A wide range of Digital floor tiles designs, patterns, and colors are available that never fail to radiate its surrounding and interior decor stunning looks.

Digital floor tiles have a water absorption capacity of less than 0.5%, and this characteristic makes them superior to other ceramic tiles. They are also known as Porcelain tiles. These tiles are durable, easy to maintain, anti-slippery, moisture and stain resistant, can withstand heavy foot traffic, and are the perfect option for commercial and residential places. With the advancement in technology, Digital floor tiles are used not only for kitchens and bathroom flooring but also for bedrooms, living rooms, and balconies flooring.

There are different sizes of porcelain tiles for floors like 300*300 mm, 600*600 mm, 600*1800 mm, and 800*1600mm available in the market. Rotto tiles offer a glossy finish has extra-ordinary smooth surfaces, and the matte finish has naturally smooth surfaces. We also have wooden and marble finish tiles that reflect its shine and tend to give traditional and modern looks to your dream decors. Porcelain tiles' prices differ on different sizes and finishes available.

3D Digital floor tiles are manufactured using modern-edge technology and give dynamic and marvelous looks to your spaces with their wide range of designs, patterns, colors, sizes, and finishes. These tiles are strong, durable, require low maintenance, and designs printed on their surface last for a longer time.

Rotto tiles is a leading porcelain tiles manufacturer in india that creates high-quality tiles with diverse designs, patterns, and colors to meet the globally dynamic market requirements. The versatility in designs and seamless beauty of Digital floor tiles for indoor and outdoor as per your taste.

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